What about for movies based on John's books? John casts those, right?

John does cast movies that he produces, right?

You say John doesn't cast movies, but he does decide who plays which roles, right?

John may not cast movies in general, but he'll cast the Looking for Alaska movie, correct?

John makes all the casting decisions, right?

But letting John know my casting suggestions is helpful, isn't it?

Emailing or messaging Rosianna will ensure the person I want cast is chosen, correct? Now that she's a producing partner, she'll make it happen, right?

Bombarding John with messages about my casting preferences still helps, right?

Collecting signatures on an online petition and giving that to John will influence casting, correct?

If I'm mad about casting choices, John's the right person to direct my rage towards, right?

Am I wrong to have strong feelings about who I want to see cast in certain roles?

Is bombarding John with messages about casting the best way to express those strong feelings?

Isn't sending John messages about casting more fruitful and satisfying than creating fan art, writing a tumblr post, or expressing my feelings about casting in other creative ways?

If I cross boundaries or send menacing messages, doesn't that illustrate what a big fan I really am and how passionately I feel about casting? Won't that make John listen to me even more and take my suggestions more seriously?

Will anything I communicate to John influence the casting process in any way?

This is just a really old website, correct? John Green casts movies now, right?

Is John just saying he doesn't cast movies so people will stop making suggestions but the truth is that he really does cast movies?

But really, this site is just satire and John really does have input into casting, doesn't he?